Monday, 16 September 2013

Architectural Swimming Pool

fosse plongee la plus profonde au monde
More than two thirds (71%) of the Earth surface is covered by water and considering this it seem normal for us to want to explore seas, oceans and any other natural water basins. The deepest point known on Earth is the Mariana Trench with total depth of 11 100m.
Compared to the Mariana TrenchNemo 33, the deepest swimming pool created by human might look like a joke with its 34,5m (113ft) depth. However, this is an incredible architectural achievement and we must pay some respect to the engineers and architects who created the pool.
The facility is located in Brussels, Belgium. When a diver goes on his way to the bottom, at the 10th meter (33th foot) he will discover a complex of several artificial underwater caves and many windows which allow the outer visitors to see what happens inside the pool without diving. The pool is suitable for experienced divers, but there are also diving courses where you can learn how to dive.
John Beernaerts, a Belgian diving expert, is the “father” of Nemo 33 which could be used as recreational center and a place for film productions, as long as diving instructional facility. Nemo 33 contains 2,78 mln litres of non-chlorinated spring water and a Thai restaurant. The pool opened doors in 2004.
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