Friday, 23 May 2014

Would You Live in a Bus?

There are many creative ways to recycle old vehicles in a way different than simple disassembling and melting their metal compartments. The following design is an excellent example for that 


It is a project by Hagit and Tali, two women designers from Israel who were inspired by various Do-It-Yourself ideas.


The bus they purchased from a transport company is old, inactive, 36,5 meters long “Dan”. There is a kitchen inside the bus that reminds of an American diner place taken from some movie. Above one of the wheels is placed a kitchen plot with everything needed for cooking. On the other side, right against the plot and above the other wheel has a table with two vinyl coated benches.


Although the bathroom is not “huge enough to ride a horse inside”, however it provides a space sufficient for the inhabitant’s every day needs. The bathroom features a shower, a toilet built on the wheel and a sink with a wooden cabinet.


The interior is finalized by a comfy bedroom at the end of the bus. The double bed incorporates the back seat of the bus, and there is also a wardrobe inside the bedroom


Lamps replace former air conditioning vents along the bus interior. It is expected that boilers and air conditioner will be added later.

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