Monday, 2 June 2014

Yo yo honeysingh death - Video

Singh’s naysayers say his music is “offensive” and his songs “anti-women”. The song is question is ‘Main Hoon Ek Balaatkari’.

India is tense at the moment following the gang-rape of a woman in Delhi last week so Singh’s lyrics right now are particularly sensitive right now in the country.

He didn’t help matters when he accused his critics of “raping” him. “I respect women…What I am going through is another form of rape,” he was quoted as saying by

Singh added, “I swear on my music, I’ve neither written nor sung those offensive songs. I`d never dream of singing a song in praise of rape. The thought is nauseating to me. I`d rather give up singing than attain popularity in such cheap and cheesy ways.”

Honey Singh is believed to have received death threats in the past week and is under surveillance by his security staff but says he knows who is behind the smear campaign. “I’m a village boy who has gone international. Other singers trying the same haven`t been able to achieve the same. They are unhappy with my success.”

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