Friday, 23 August 2013

Designer Edge Image of the Day – Meta SpaceGlasses

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The world of wearable computing could be making a dramatic step forward after a company called Spaceglasses (formerly known as Meta) released a video detailing their new device’s capabilities.
The company’s product, a pair of glasses, has been developed in coordination with Steve Mann, the father of the field of wearable computing, and Steve Feiner a pioneer in augmented reality. In their demo video Spaceglasses depicts a world where everything from designing and printing products, to playing games can be done using only the glasses’ native software and your own gestures.
In what might be a minor over simplification of how the system works Spaceglasses highlights their simple 3-step process for using their device. "1. Buy the glasses and connect to your PC 2. Download apps or build your own in Unity 3D 3. You are Tony Stark”, a reference to the similarity between the glasses and the augmented reality system used by Stark in the Iron Man movies.
Although many will see Spaceglasses’ video as little more than hype for a product that may or may not ever exist, the company is taking preorders for the device. For $667 you can get your own pair of Spaceglasses, and possibly a front row seat to a future textured by augmented reality.

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